Flugdienst Magdeburg GmbH (FMD)

From the absolute beginning, the development of SURVIS was supported significant by the German aviation company “Flugdienst Magdeburg (FMD)".

All testing of the prototypes have been performed with close cooperation with the Flugdienst Magdeburg.

Especially the judicial permissions in order to run a system like this in aircrafts, were effected by the Flugdienst Magdeburg from Cessna and the German Luftfahrtbundesamt.

Within the last 10 Years, more than 100 Million baits have been thrown by the Flugdienst Magdeburg.

This company is today the unchallenged marked leader of this branch.

The vaccinations are being executed only by highly qualified pilots, owning  CPL and IFR permission.

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