Kindly welcome to SURVIS

Satellite- and Computer controlled, fully automatic working Bait Dropping System

SURVIS is a system for the automatic distribution of baits out of aircrafts. SURVIS was developed in close cooperation with the University of Stuttgart, Germany and conduces especially in the combat of:


By the interaction of GPS navigation, engineering and logistics, wide vaccination areas can be treated fast and economic.

Using SURVIS, more than 100 Million baits have been dropped in Germany over the last 10 years. Before this development took place, an aircraft was filled with the pilot, the navigator, the bait dropper and an agency inspector. Today, SURVIS allows the pilot to perform a


The use of SURVIS is essential if:

  • a quick vaccination of wide areas is requested,
  • a detailed proof of the quality is requested,
  • a detailed proof of the use the financial resources is requested,
  • effective barriers against infected areas are needed or
  • strategic vaccinations are necessary,
  • cost must be distributed due to treated areas,
  • insurance company must be able to check demands in case of “bait strikes”,
  • transparency must be given to everybody,
  • long time storage of the vaccination campaigns is requested,
  • the relations between vaccination and infections must be analysed.